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Cool guyBy now, most of ya’ll probably know that Wolverine was disappointing. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. And even though Watchmen was pretty fantastic, it too didn’t quite live up to our (my) expectations. On the other hand, Push, Coraline, and Fast & Furious were much better than I anticipated. And with several more big flicks from my bone picks still on the horizon, 2009 isn’t out of the movie game yet. Well, here’s a few more that promise to be…um, interesting. Check ’em out after the jump.


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Aside from the stupid title, I initially thought this would be another dumb syfy flick, but after watching the trailer, I’m really excited to see this. I’ve heard nothing else about it, which is surprising for me, but Sam Rockwell pretty much doing a one man (well, two man) show on the moon? Yes please.

Little Ashes
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Ever wanted to see a film about a young Salvador Dalí and his love affair with Federico García Lorca, wherein the Spanish surrealist is played by white, British heartthrob Robert Pattinson from Twilight? Well then, you’ll fuckin’ love Little Ashes. Oh, and if one odd Robert Pattinson movie wasn’t enough for you, check out the trailer for How To Be.

Paper Heart
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This movie looks pretty awesome. It stars that chick who was one of those dudes girlfriends in Knocked Up and Michael Cera, and has cameo’s from pretty much every hot young alternative comedy actor out today, from Seth Rogen to Demetri Martin. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this is the next Juno or Little Miss Sunshine or Swimfan. Hmm, one of those shouldn’t be there.

Happy viewing, faggots.

– Christian BC


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