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A lot of sources have been discussing that the next iPhone may have a magnetometer built in. This would allow the GPS to include a compass and turn-by-turn directions, something the competing G-1 has. While this is obviously cool for that fact alone, it’s radicality is compounded by this statement on what else the magnetometer may be used for:

Examples of how this could be used include pointing your iPhone’s camera at a building and the phone telling you what building it is by combining GPS, accelerometer and compass information. The iPhone could even overlay graphics and text on top of the image to provide additional information. Another application described is the ability to show information about stars and constellations simply by pointing your iPhone towards the sky.

That’s right, not only could you get info on a place just by pointing your phone at it, but you could use your phone for stargazing and astronomy. Face it steampunks, the real future is way fucking cooler.

Check out Apple Insider for the full article


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