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Super Cage



New Nintendo

Yo. Ya’ll should check out Nintendo’s E3 site. It’s got pics and vids of a bunch of upcoming Wii and DS games. I’m most excited (and you should be too) about New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Metroid: Other M. Check it out nerds!


Paul Is Dead


The caption says “Watch your favorite artists live today.”

Celebrity Food Puns

I love puns. They don’t call me The Pun-isher for nothing (or at all). I think puns the highest form of humor. And I constantly use them. From the pedestrian to the sophisticated. This guy definitely gets what it’s all about.

Fizz Up, Look Chard

Click here to see the rest of Harvey Nichols’ Pun-tastic Postcards.

Rainbow of the Week: 6/24/09

Just my type.

Quimby The Mouse

Hey queens of the stone age. Here’s some more brain-tickling animation written and drawn by Chris Ware. The animation was done by John Kuramoto and the music is “Eugene” by Andrew Bird. This was created for a live performance of This American Life. Enjoy, you kings of Leon, you princes of Persia.

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Make Me Psychic

Do you like psychedelic, surrealistic, hedonistic cartoons starring anthropomorphic ducks? Then you’re gonna fuckin’ love this. This is a short film I came across one morn while parousing YouTube. It’s from 1978 and was written by, animated by, and stars the voice talent of Sally Cruikshank. This baby is so nutty, you don’t even needa be high b’fo’ watchin’ it.

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