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Celebrity Food Puns

I love puns. They don’t call me The Pun-isher for nothing (or at all). I think puns the highest form of humor. And I constantly use them. From the pedestrian to the sophisticated. This guy definitely gets what it’s all about.

Fizz Up, Look Chard

Click here to see the rest of Harvey Nichols’ Pun-tastic Postcards.


Comments on: "Celebrity Food Puns" (2)

  1. Mayor Prankster said:

    Tuna Thurman is my favorite.
    I don’t quite share the same enthusiasm for puns but I do love them, especially when they are delivered in a nonchalant manner, almost to the point where you barely even notice it happened. I think the best comedy is the kind that is almost unnoticeable. Like the works of Mencia and Cook.
    Sounds like a law firm. Although when you think about it they are the ones commiting the crime.

  2. christianbeforechruch said:

    I agree. What’s great about Mencia and Cook is how subtle they are. Most of the time, I’m completely unaware that they are making jokes. But I’m still laughing, because I see them flopping around with constipated looks on their faces. And I think to myself, “Now that’s entertainment!”

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