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What If…

…there was a bestial porn called Down The Rabbit Hole. I wonder if that’s what Hugh Hefner says whenever he bangs one of his girlfriends.


Hey Shaq…

…where you at?!


Hey Joel…

Black Lips were made for sucking.

The Black Lips



I was checking my flickr stats today when I saw a few referrals from interpolonline.com, the website for the band. “Curious,” I thought to myself. “What the hell is on Interpol’s website that is sendin’ people to my flickr?” Well, turns out it was a forum post about Animal Collective (?) and this dude, Vinca15, had been trollin’ flickr for AC photos and found my shirt design and dug it. Pretty groovy, except the whole Interpol forum thing. But still.

Rainbow(s) of the Week: 7/29/09

For this special edition of “Rainbow of the Week,” I’ve posted a link to another blog that showed up as a related post to something else. It’s some rainbows. Enjoy, ya sexual spectrums.


I have a new feature on the horizon

Sausage Party

Here’s a little taste

Mom & the Space Punx

The real one is gonna be even sexier.

Beatles of the Week: 7/28/09


Here’s an ad for the Kubrick Beatles figures, designed after their likenesses from the cartoon series.

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