Let my trip be yours.



I was checking my flickr stats today when I saw a few referrals from interpolonline.com, the website for the band. “Curious,” I thought to myself. “What the hell is on Interpol’s website that is sendin’ people to my flickr?” Well, turns out it was a forum post about Animal Collective (?) and this dude, Vinca15, had been trollin’ flickr for AC photos and found my shirt design and dug it. Pretty groovy, except the whole Interpol forum thing. But still.


Comments on: "Shoutout" (3)

  1. lishaface said:

    haha you’re fuckin’ famous!

  2. dyovino said:

    i like interpol

  3. christianbeforechruch said:

    you would. just kidding, you wouldnt, except you do.
    their first album was ok, but it was all downhill after that. because it was so easy, for them to make crap.


    scroll down for relevant content.

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