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Ted Leo Blocked Me


Yes. This means what you think it means. Ted Leo blocked me on Twitter and sent me a direct message beforehand just to rub it in.

Last night, I tweeted this: “@tedleo is the indie version of @johncmayer at least as far as Twitter goes. and as far as white, male singer-songwriters go.”

Clearly, this was a joke, and all I meant was they both seem to have a large Twitter following, they tweet a lot, and they’re both male, white, and musicians. Nothing else.

Well, an hour after this, I received a direct message from Ted Leo that said “See ya!” When I checked my account, I was no longer following him. That motherfucker blocked me.

Now, I’ve been a big Ted Leo fan for years now, have all of his albums, and have even seen him live. I’m not really a John Mayer fan, musically at least, but he is really funny (a lot funnier than Ted Leo, so no big loss really). But I in no way think they are musically similar. That being said, what I gather from this situation, is that Ted Leo, who wasn’t following me, checked his mentions and saw my tweet, was enraged by the fact that I linked him in any way to John Mayer, and then blocked me because of it. More than that, he rubbed salt in the wounds by personally messaging me to say a smart-ass goodbye.

I can’t stop hating his music, but I can start hating him. So along with this post, I’m starting a new Twitter campaign to mock @tedleo (I’m sure I reach a lot more people than he does). Just throw in his username and the hashtag #seeyatedleo if you feel like joining in. Again, this is against him personally, and not a condemnation of his music. Also, jokes on him (sort of) because I can still view his profile and see all his tweets and mention him so what the fuck is the difference bro.

PS. I’m also still following his “doppelganger” @teddleo. But it’s still unclear whether T-Lo has anything to do with that.


So, I had no idea this would escalate the way it did. I’m not used to all this internet fame! I obviously don’t hate Ted Leo and thought the whole thing was so funny, that I better run with it. Though I think he may hate me, Teddy did respond in a few different ways about this whole debacle and I can attest he is a stand-up dude, and I’m here to set the record straight that I in no way hate anything about Ted Leo. But, I can’t deny that, even though I feel like a jerk, I am sort of glad this happened because when else would I have talked to Ted Leo. Bottom line: this whole blog post was a joke. Guess I’m better than I thought. Definitely been a cool morning.

UPDATE 2: Aside from it being super cool that Ted Leo read and commented on my blog (at least this once), he is also following me now on Twitter. This has definitely been an unusual, but ultimately radical day.

UPDATE 3: It’s been confirmed by @tedleo himself (The Present Is Now exclusive) that he has nothing to do with @teddleo: “I honestly have no idea who it is! Though I do think it’s pretty damn funny, I have to say…” I suggested he claim it’s him in order to sink dudes boat.


Comments on: "Ted Leo Blocked Me" (9)

  1. Oh, for cryin’ out loud, dude – tone isn’t the easiest thing to convey in a tweet, so forgive me if I got a little miffed at being compared to John Mayer! Especially considering I had just had a fake “me,” who’s obviously mocking me already, revealed to me minutes earlier..
    Do whatever you want – hate my music or not, but hating ME is a little harsh.
    If you care at all, I’m sorry I didn’t get the joke – you’re unblocked.
    xo – TL

  2. christianbeforechruch said:

    Yikes. I just got chills. I totally meant all this as a joke. I in no shape or form hate you or your music or anything like that. I honestly thought this would be a funny little joke between friends. “Hey, remember when Ted Leo blocked me?” I didn’t think Ted Leo himself would actually read my tweets or blog or anything. I feel bad. But, also a little good cus I mean, Ted Leo! Talking to me. Even on bad terms. haha.
    Anyway, sorry, I was in the process of revealing the joke and updating this when I read your comment.
    No disrespect, no apology necessary, no sarcasm in any of this. Hope you get notifications to follow-up comments so you don’t think I’m a douche.
    Much love, Teddy baby.

    – Christian BC

  3. The internet – facilitating fake break-ups and rapprochements since… 1992-ish? (I mean, that’s about when it really took off, in terms of this stuff, right?)
    Love back atchya!

  4. christianbeforechruch said:

    haha, yeah. I remember my first Twitter update: just had a juice box and cookie, bout to go to 2nd grade
    I dunno why my mom let me have juice and cookies for breakfast

  5. I like when you are on The Best Show. Do that again!


  6. woah … i’ve been outta commission the past few weeks and you go and start a tweeter war with ted leo! which is pretty incredible because he seems like one of the nicest guys going …

    but i gotta say, if you wrote that about me and i didn’t know you, i’d be pretty cheesed too. unless of course you were referring only to john mayer’s awesome shredding abilities …

  7. hahaha. yeah. the whole thing totally blew outta proportion, but in the end, he was nothing short of cool about the whole thing. i just thought they both tweeted a lot and had a lot of fans and were both musicians and i was probably high so you know.

    now i’m just waiting for john mayer to get pissed and block me so i can round this whole thing out.

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