Let my trip be yours.

While Dam-Funk was DJing on Saturday and probably at the peak of our high as we sat and waited for AC, I wrote down some thoughts. I had the idea awhile ago to write shit while I was in altered states of mind, then present them as-is hoping that it would be some nutty, SoC bable with insight and humor. Well, this one didn’t totally turn out that way, but here it is, digitized from the original.

“Status: High [8-15-09]

Listening to this annoying DJ, Dane Funk, for the second night in a row. I have no idea what this nerdy, can’t stop reverb/echo shouting shout-outs out, playing what sounds like the same funky house song over and over.

Waiting for animal collective to come out. I don’t know why this guy is opening for Black Dice + Zomby (who we missed I guess) + Animal Collective. Oh well, they make up for it. They had so many lights. Two walls of sequenced, color-changing bulbs, strings of lanterns hanging in the trees above the audience, changing lights flashing different colors on (or in?) their podiums for their synths/samplers/etc., light-up island god idols? they had white balloon balls floating along the audience. Avey broke out his heavily effected guitar while Panda Bear was banging on timpanis. Video screen with visuals done by one of the guys sisters. Music was amazing. Every song was flawless. they changed a lot of them. I almost didn’t recognize “Who Could win A Rabbit?” they did a bad job on “My Girls” (Alisha thinks on purpose cus it’s the single, which is awesome if that’s true. And it probably was cus like I said the rest was flawless. Definitely a highlight of the summer. Of the fuckin year. and we get to experience it again tonight. Hope they make a DVD out of it cus I wanna see everything close up. Hope there’s at least some audio or video of one of the nights out there soon. Minus this DJ dude. Apparently AC asked him to tour with them. Gross. I hope they keep heading in new directions Last night I was hearing a lot of dance and hip hop influence. I’d love to hear them do something like that. Or work with the Neptunes or somebody like Mayor and I were talking about. I guess it’ll be awhile before anything new comes out.”

(Note: There’s some incorrect and changing info above because I didn’t know certain things or learned them as I was writing and Dam-Funk (not Dane Funk) was DJing. For a more lucid account of the shows, click here.)


Comments on: "Rough Draft: Animal Collective Live" (3)

  1. I was there and I honestly enjoyed Dam Funk. Me and my girl came just for him actually. What probably was going on was that most of the audience that attended wasn’t quite familiar with his background; especially the music he was playing. He is a respected figure in the Boogie and Funk music scene and is currently signed to Stones Throw Records. His sound is based in the early 1980’s sound when he is a DJ, but he records more modern sounding Funk on his own releases. What he did at the AC show, was mixed the two togther. It probably went over most of the ‘fried out of their minds’ kids who were in the park around us on Saturday. Evidence in this is how the writer of this blog said it was funky house music being played when I heard not one ‘house’ song being played as I watched and listened. While I enjoyed AC’s show to the fullest, I also appreciated the balls AC displayed in having Dam Funk as the opener replacing Zomby. Those that didn’t know what was going on around us simply didn’t get it, or didn’t wanna get it (because they were overly anxious for Animal Collective to emerge), or were just too young or fried to get in to his set. After all, Dam Funk did recently remix “Summertime Clothes” which is featured on AC’s latest 12″. I mean you would think more would have understood the connection. Kudos to AC for being always ahead of the curve, unlike the writer of this here blog that I stumbled on while searching for the release date of Dam Funk’s 5 record box set debut. Geez…lighten up.

  2. Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Thanks

  3. Haters gonna hate.

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