Let my trip be yours.


A month ago, my internet colleague (and dare I say, friend?) Joel posted a thrilling article detailing some of today’s worst music on his infinitely RSS-able blog, Persona Don Dada. Not only was it an impassioned and hilarious analysis of a disgusting corner of the zeitgeist, it inspired many outraged fans of these “musicians” to voice their complaints in the form of comments. This was supplemented by Joel, many of his friends, and myself responding to the fans and offering our own input. Do yourself a favor, read this post and be sure to read all the comments at the bottom as well. It’s incredibly worth it. More info about PDD is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

With that done, you should regularly check out PDD. Unfortunately, scathing posts and comedic reviews like this aren’t as frequent as I’d like. But there’s still a good number of them. And fortunately, the bulk of the content is dedicated to Joel’s weekly mixtapes which include such themes as Songs About Ladies, Jus’ 4 Laffs, and My Other Car Is A Synthesizer. If you can handle Joel’s unusual obsession with Roy Wood, then these mixes are all amazing. So check his blog the fuck out. It’s waaaaaay better than this one.

Shitty Music Post Amazing Blog Shitty Music Post Amazing Blog

– Christian BC


Comments on: "Blog Spotlight: Persona Don Dada" (6)

  1. When did you become the Cusamano’s PR guy?

  2. Well, due to the lengthy and awesome comments I left on the above mentioned post, I wanted to repost them on my blog. But you really need the context of the post and the other comments (not to mention that they were all awesome as well), so I decided why not post about the whole post. Then I figured I might as well tell people to check out the whole blog while they’re at it, cus it’s so good. I figured I could start spotlighting my friends blogs cus I love helpin’ m’niggas out. You were on the list of people to spotlight, but if you’re gonna be all snooty about it, then fuggetaboutit.

  3. hey man, thanks for hyping the site! i wish there were more posts too … but i’m fucking busy right now, leave me the fuck alone. i’ll piss off the tweenies when i damn well feel like it, consarnit!

    there WILL be a new mixtape on monday and maybe a post about my favorite movies of the year so far … MAYBE

    btw your check is in the mail

  4. Just for the record, I hope I my comment didn’t come across as rude.
    For what it’s worth, Joel’s blog is great, yes, even better than Matt’s by just a little bit.
    I’d be happy to do PR for the COUsomono’s anytime.

  5. @Joel: no excuses. and thanks. The check was more than adequate.

    @Tom: don’t worry, it didn’t. Also, “COUsomono”? I don’t get it.

  6. I thought I had mis-spelled their last name, but I guess I hadn’t.

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