Let my trip be yours.

Christian Church: Auteur

After years of writing, making music, and taking photos, I have finally delved into the world of cinema in the past year. The majority of that work has been making music videos for various independent musicians and even making a few fan-videos for songs I love and want a visual component added to them. I’ve recently started uploading these videos to YouTube in order to spread them like a plague.

I created the above video about 6 months ago for MiLK jr. and his song “Animalistic” off the forthcoming album from Sexdad Records, I Had Another Dream. The song has an eerie and jarring quality to it, blending the operatic with the primal. The video mixes scenes of caged-wildlife, spontaneous and calculated street-performance, and strobing strange loops. Be wary of your mental state whilst you ingest this.

This video has been up for some time, but I felt it was fitting to post it along with the previous entry. Another artist from the Sexdad Records catalog, Florida-based musician All Father had me craft this piece for his song “Tip & A Bow” from his unreleased album Wisdom & War. The shifting colors and juxtaposing scenes of music, physicality, and destruction complement what has been described as “the aural version of a bad trip.”

Stay tuned to my YouTube channel as I’ll be uploading many more videos over the coming weeks.


Comments on: "Christian Church: Auteur" (3)

  1. Matt, why don’t we make more videos? This is totally cool. We really need to get Dead Serials started up in NC.
    Also, I wish I had seen this earlier cuz I could have shown this to my class for that music video presentation I had to do. I could have done the “bad trip” one, but I’m so dumb I didn’t even think about it. Wish I had.

  2. Whatevs. Just put it on your next “Kooky vid my a shitty band…of the week” segment to make up for it.
    Also, I keep thinking about DS and then doing nothing. I’m gonna fucking make that shit happen. And when we get back together, look out! We’re gonna fuck shit up.

  3. Yes yes yep please

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