Let my trip be yours.

Giant Marionettes!

This is fuckin’ crazay!

little giantess

Another reason I’ve found this week to love the French.


Find out what the fuck this is and see more photos here.


Comments on: "Giant Marionettes!" (3)

  1. Puppets are cool again

  2. Mayor Prankster said:

    It’s like a Bjork video as directed by M. Gondry.
    It’s also like the coolest, most audacious thing I’ve ever seen.
    Every time I feel like it’s time for me to settle down, keep a job, and start acting like a responsible adult, I see something like this and it inspires me to LIVE.
    Thank you.

  3. glad i could knock some sense into you. all it took was giant french puppets marching through germany.

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