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Every once in awhile, I get really obsessed with the Huffington Post and spend all day reading everything on the site. I love the layout compared to all the other pre-web 2.0 news sites, and the always have lots of Fox News and Glenn Beck bashing to sate me. When I get on these kicks, I am constantly posting articles on Facebook and Twitter, and emailing them to all my friends. Today, I’m stuck at work for 7 hours and there is no one here, so I’ll be huffin’ hard, and figured I might as well compile some of my favorite articles and post on the blog and condense my social networking. Here we go.

Reid Is Only One Or Two Votes Shy On Opt-Out Public Option: Great. Just when the public option was getting momentum, Obama has to once again pussy out. I thought he was gonna stick it to these insurance companies, but now it looks like he’s back to coddling their balls. At least Harry Reid is being a man.

Message To Leadership: Rockefeller Re-States His Opposition To Triggers: Sen. Jay Rockefeller also opposes the “trigger” approach to health care reform. Let’s hope these guys can make the big boss see some sense.

Fake Obama Thesis Story Goes Viral, Because Of Stupidity: This one is good. The gist is that some blog posted a fake Obama thesis as satire, and then a bunch of neo-con teabag bobbleheads picked it up and ran with it. Bonus points for using the phrase “beef-farted” in the article which, according to the internet, does not exist.

Why Journalists Shouldn’t Be Defending Fox News: Here’s a great article I posted yesterday.

Biden On Cheney Criticism: “Who Cares?”: Ha!

Arizona May Put State Prisons in Private Hands: Ok. This is from the New York Times. But it’ll blow your mind. Apparently, the retards who run Arizona want to privatize prisons! They see it as the only option left to balance the budget and deal with the rising costs of maintaining the facilities. Here’s an idea: stop arresting people for victimless crimes! The plus side: you won’t have to wait for your last meal to get an Arch Deluxe. Welcome to Ronald McDonald’s Maximum Security Fun Palace!


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  1. Privatized prisons are a great idea! What could be better than turning a profit from imprisoning people? Let’s just round everyone up and shove ’em in there already, and rake in the dough. Freedom RULZ.

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