Let my trip be yours.

Before Eleven and the Falcons, there weres The Dynamite Kids. Formed at the dawn of 2008 in the sunshine and herb haze of Bath, North Carolina, these wintertime river banshees set about to fuse their mental dynamics with their physical child-like reality. An album emerged a year later in the bowels of New York. It was dubbed Blow Up! and myself faithfully crafted an ocular vision to parallel TDKs sonic vibrations. Oonjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Comments on: "The Dynamite Kids: A Knock At The Door" (4)

  1. Mayor Prankster said:

    Have you ever thought about getting your shorts into the Brooklyn art museum or something? They’re probably as good as anything else i’ve seen there. Remember that kite guy?

  2. Mayor Prankster said:

    Of course I meant your movies and not actually your shorts. Maybe those striped pants you have.
    Glad I caught that before you did.

  3. I’m glad you caught it too, or else I would have read the comment, known exactly what you meant, and responded accordingly, thus ruining the chance for you to make a shorts joke. Phew.

    Also, I agree that I am way better than most of those folks, but I bet the process to get into a museum, especially one of that size, is steeped in art politics and connections and fuck that shit. The internet is my museum.

  4. awesome show, great job

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