Let my trip be yours.

Yesterday, my band (Eleven and the Falcons) released their sophomore EP on KillerPOP Records. It’s called All The Clocks Around The Town Had Died and it’s a four-song covers album. It ranges from smoky and somber to an epic a capella and the best part about it: it’s fuckin’ FREE! Just click right here and you can download it (plus our debut EP, Psychic Toothpaste/Ocean Ghost 7″). Consider it our Thanksgiving gift (you give gifts on Thanksgiving, right?) to all of you. Track list and original versions after the jump.

1. I’m Sticking With You (The Velvet Underground)
2. Rory Rides Me Raw (The Vaselines)
3. Cut Dead (The Jesus & Mary Chain)
4. Street Flash (Animal Collective)


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