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Cinematic Music Videos

Ali and I watched a lot of music videos this holiday, and I noticed a trend among many of them. Let’s hope it continues.

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Yeasayer: Ambling Alp – It has to start here. I can’t get this fucking song out of my head. And the video is even better. I’m amazed by the budget and quality of this video from an indie band, but I’m grateful for it. I see this as heralding a new wave in independent music videos. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this song broke Yeasayer to a somewhat more mainstream audience. Ali made an interested observation about the song when she told me she thinks the band members must be heavy metal fans. I think you can hear a lot of those undertones in the drums and vocals of this song (I thought it had a slightly Muse-esque quality to it as well) and I think it makes even more sense when you see the video. This song/video also made me think of Klaxons (where’s that sophomore album?!) but with a bigger budget.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Charlotte Gainsbourg + Beck: Heaven Can Wait – Here’s another video that a million other blogs have posted about in the past few days. But now I’m doing it so you can finally watch it. This video looks like it was directed by Wes Anderson, or is using clips from some unreleased film of his. Every shot is an entirely different scene and my mind boggles with the time it must have taken to set up each shot. This video is better than most movies I’ve seen this year.

Robot Koch: Hard To Find – The cinematic quality of this video is a little more literal and obvious. And amazing. If you haven’t already taken your vegetables, now would be the time.


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