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Xiu Xiu: Gray Death

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Can’t wait for that new album.

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Dead Serials: Playtime with Pedro

My film collective has a new short. It’s a magical adventure through the mind of a child. Starring me as a child and Mayor Prankster as Pedro, of South of the Border NC/SC border tourist trap fame. What sort of crazy things will happen when my keychain racist mascot comes to life and decides to be my friend? Watch and find out.

Babe Rainbow: Shave

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Now that’s a band name I can really get behind. And it’s got one spooky cool video packed with a couple of babes (I dunno if they’re the band or just eye candy) exploring the woods, a cave, and perhaps their minds. I get a strong vibe that these ladies might be tripping their balls off. And it doesn’t look like it’s a pleasant journey. The song’s pretty good too, though it’s a little derivative of Fever Ray sans vocals.

Eleven &the Falcons: The Belles Of London

Oy. New Falcons vid, mates. They at it again. This go around, &the Falcons joined up with Dead Serials to produce this video for the tantalizingly tantalizing song “The Belles Of London” of their alpha EP release, Psychic Toothpaste/Ocean Ghost 7″ (avail. 4 FREE from KillerPOP Records). If you love graveyards and geese, you’ll fuckin’ love this ghost punk dirge.

Asheville Inspiration

I’ve been AWOL awhile. But I gotta good reason. I moved out of New York, that stinky shithole, and relocated to Asheville, NC with my collective-mates. To some it may seem like a downgrade, but the while the time I spent in New York was personally productive, I felt very limited in terms of creating something new within the community. With a little Electric Kool-Aid inspiration, and thoughts of a peaceful mountain town to disrupt with my sensibilities, I’ve come to this quirky little section of the Smokies to attempt to finally create a music/art community not just for myself and my friends, but for other like-minded individuals in the area. Ali and I have found a great house that Mayor will be joining us in soon, and we hope to turn it into a studio/recording/performance space for all our music and films, as well as those in the community. I’ll keep you posted as things progress, but for now I have to focus on getting a job. Know of any? In the meantime, here’s some new inspiration:

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