Let my trip be yours.

President Ventura: 2012

The world’s gonna end anyway right, why not elect the last guy you’d think of: Jesse Ventura. I know it seems crazy, but hear him out:

Mayor and I stumbled across the first of these videos and thought it was so awesome, we watched all his talk show appearances on YouTube. This man is a genius. He agrees with me on everything. And he’s been a Mayor, a Governor, and a Navy Seal. And with his pro wrestling experience, he’d know how to handle those jabronies in Washington. And After we got on our V kick, we discovered that dude had a new book out and was hittin’ the talk show circuit just two days before we discovered how rad he was. Peep:

Check out the rest of the Larry King interview (highly recommended) here. And if ya see some dude campaigning for Ventura 2012 out on the street, stop by and say hi to me.


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