Let my trip be yours.

I haven’t been around much lately, but there’s good reason. I’ve been spending most of my creative energy focusing on two projects. One of those is this:

Sundae Magazine is an online magazine (duh) that my friend Brittany Middleton started a few months back. It is two issues deep now with a third coming June 1st (new issue every month). I’ve been contributing to it as a Music Historian so far and will be continuing to write for it for some stretch into the unforeseeable future. So far I’ve reviewed PLEASE KILL ME: The Oral History of Punk Rock (one of my favorite books) and The Undertones. You can check out my writings along with pieces my the aforementioned Ms. Middleton, wunderkind Jack Cusumano (who also designs every issue and draws artwork and comics throughout), Ali (my boo), and Tom “Mayor Prankster” Vinson. So get your digital read on and see me in print!


Comments on: "Sundae Magazine Hijacks Renowned THE PRESENT IS NOW Writer" (1)

  1. lishaface said:

    I think this is the first time I’ve been referred to as a boo. Fitting, I think.

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