Let my trip be yours.

Aside from the obvious reasons that he trades wit, insight, observation, and, yes, any form of comedy for spastic movements and verbal torrents of childish diarhea, there’s the above cover to his 2010 DVD release of his HBO “comedy” special.

Not only does he use a pathetic pun for the title, but it’s based off of something that hasn’t been culturally relevant in years. On top of that, using a WMD pun as the title of something has become a terrible cliche over the years. Like this example from six years prior to the Iraq War. Or this one from the year it all went down. Or this shit from three years ago.

Then, there’s the motherfuckin’ tape over the mouth. I can’t stand when “comedians” and “personalities” put some form of tape or sticker over their mouth (usually accompanied by some dumb phrase or word to drive the point home) to show that their words are so acerbic that they have been physically censored by some unknown entity (their PR agent? Probably just themselves).

The library I work at just got this DVD in and it just pushed me over the edge. Especially after I saw this DVD on the shelf featuring the same fuckin’ tape-mouth. Then there’s this and this and it just goes on and on from there. You get the point. He’s a fucking hack.


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  1. what just happened

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