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Super Sawyer

UPDATE: ComicBookMovie has officially heard that this is a rumor. Shit.

LOST‘s Josh Holloway is rumored to be up for a lead role in an upcoming Marvel feature. TV Overmind speculates it may be wither Ant-Man or Hawkeye, two heroes whose names have been tossed around (Ant-Man is inching closer to being green-lit every day) as possible films or franchises. Both characters play a part in the Avengers universe which Marvel Studios is currently creating. I agree with TV Overmind that Hawkeye would be a much better fit than Ant-Man, and it’s unlikely that Holloway would play Namor or Doctor Strange, two more characters that may be coming to the big screen in the future. Sawyer was one of my favorite Losties and I’d love to see how he works in another role, especially one with such huge nerd-boner potential like a Marvel film. Especially after he was rumored to be Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and lost (no pun intended) out to that douche from Friday Night Lights. Exciting times we live in.

via Avengers News


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