Let my trip be yours.

My Favorite Things

These were too good not to share. The future will hold more of this.


See my other two favorite things after the jump.

I’ve been listening to a lot of shotgaze lately. It’s a pretty underground genre where all the beats are made up of shotgun noises (pumping, loading, shooting, victims screams) and then slathered in reverb. It’s really piqued my interest in the tool itself. I mean, shotguns are rad. Chicks love ‘em. Birds love ‘em. What more can I say? *Jay-Z*


One of my obsessions this summer has been J. Ortan Hiplander’s treatise Toblerone For The 20-Something’s Soul. I never realized how spiritually and gastronomically satisfying those chocolaty treats could be. Pick one up at your local grocer’s mart today!

Lost Causes

There’s a great documentary making the rounds at film festivals now called Lost Causes: The Art Of Giving Up. Director P. Winston Garlamere brought it to the Mountain Time Film Festival last month and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. It’s all about knowing when to give up fighting for silly, improbable things like catching a unicorn or women’s suffrage. Hopefully it’ll get picked up soon and you can all see it in a theater near you!


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