Let my trip be yours.

File this first one under terrible. Sandra Bullock is confirmed to star in the film adaptation of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. Luckily, Tom Hanks will join her to hopefully balance the mess. Let’s hope it’s not as awful as the Everything Is Illuminated film. The project is being helmed by Stephen Daldry (The Hours, The Reader).

Hit the jump for Wolverine 2, Fantastic Four: Reborn, and The Rockford Files (?!) rumors, plus Bryan Singer finally gives us some solid X-Men: First Class details.

I finally saw Kick-Ass this past weekend, and it only makes me more excited to see what Matthew Vaughan will do with X-Men: First Class. Ain’t It Cool News has some exclusive details regarding X-Men: First Class, which he’s producing. The movie come out next summer and is scheduled to start shooting next week, so more information will be surfaceing soon. For now, we know it will be set in the 1960s, Jean Grey and Cyclops will not appear, Kevin Bacon will be Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club will look as it does in the comics, and overall, they’re going for a James Bond-feel. Check the link for the full details and we’ll have more info for you as it comes out.

Rumor Time!

Pretty much everybody is putting their money on this one. David Slade (Hard Candy, Twilight Saga: Eclipse) is the rumored front runner to direct Wolverine 2. Hugh Jackman recently dropped out of Avon Man in order to train for the film so we should be hearing more about it soon. For now, we know it will take place in Japan and we hope it won’t be as terrible as the first one.

Not much has been released regarding the Fantastic Four reboot other than the fact that it’s working title is Fantastic Four: Reborn. Screenrant is saying that Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers may be up for the role of Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards. Brody has been previously rumored to star in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, and I think he could be suited to either role. However, I’ve always had a soft spot for Rhys Meyers, so let’s hope he lands this and Brody gets to be Hank Pym.

Finally, The Rockford Files remake. Ok, I’ve never seen the original and hardly care that NBC is trying to re-up their old show, but one rumored tidbit does have my interest piqued: Josh Halloway, aka Sawyer from LOST, may be the lead. I’d watch that man do anything.


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