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This might be pretty amazing. Universal and NBC are planning on adapting what many thought was un-adaptable: The Dark Tower. For awhile, it looked like the LOST team of Darlton and JJ Abrams would be creating a miniseries or film of Stephen King’s epic heptology of sci-fi-fantasy-westerns, but that fell trough. Many wondered which format would be best for telling this dense and sprawling tale. It looks like this crew has decided to do both. I think it might just be one of the most genius moves in entertainment history. Ron Howard will serve as the director for the first film of the series (presumably following the first book). From there, Akiva Goldsman (Fringe) will write season one of the show that will bridge the gap to the second film. After that, season two of the show will follow Roland’s (the main character’s) childhood which is detailed in the fourth (and in my opinion, best) book of the series. This is genius as that book is so complex and different that a season on TV is the only way you could pull it off. The format would continue like that until all of the material (including the prequel comics) are incorporated. With Howard and Goldsman involved, and the multi-medium approach being taken, The Dark Tower might finally get the adaptation it needs. Read more via SuperHeroHype.


Comments on: "THE DARK TOWER Coming To The Big And Small Screen" (1)

  1. Wow! That’s really genius! I need to start reading them.

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