Let my trip be yours.

I love Pokémon. Unfortunately, as I’ve grown, the franchise hasn’t, maturity-wise at least. That means outside of Super Smash Bros., there’s little in the Pokémon world that I can still get behind. But a tiny glimmer of hope has been introduced.

This is the trailer for Pokémon Apokélypse. A fan-made trailer for a non-existent gritty Pokémon live-action film. It’s genius if you ask me. I hope the exposure these guys gets prompts them to make a web-series or short film cus I’d love to dive into this world more. In the meantime, head to Shogun Gamer for some hilarious in-world ads and photos plus an interview with the creators/stars.


Comments on: "Pokémon: The Gritty, Live-Action Movie" (2)

  1. Pikachu needs to eat

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