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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out the cock-filled video for Die Antwoord’s “Evil Boy” in which a black dude does most of the rapping, Diplo cameos, and Yo-Landi shows her tits have teeth. Very NSFW.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

After our pals TELETHON stopped in Asheville during their tour and played two shows with us (click here to see us perform at the second show), I decided to make a music video for one of their songs of their new 7″ People Eat Humans, Or Humans The Human Animal. I chose “Get A Hold On, Me” and for the video I looped and colored some footage of my friends (and bandmates) walking the Coney Island boardwalk on a particularly hazy day. Check it out. The song, by the way, is an amazing low-key psychedelic ditty involving some time-looping of it’s on, thematically at least.


In November, a bunch of Marvel characters are getting TRON-ified. There will be several variants covers for various characters who will be redesigned to match the imagery of TRON. It’s at one point shameless cross-promotion between new bedfellows Disney and Marvel, but it looks pretty cool so I think we can forgive them.

More covers and press release at CBM.

How To Make A Strawberry (via The Tribal Scientist)

Who knew it was so simple. To make this delicious natural fruit, all you need is a few (dozen) chemicals.

How to make a strawberry If Mother Nature was incarnated in today's world, her wrinkled, battle-scarred old body would be photoshopped within an inch of its life and adorn every food package, beauty product and health item available. It's a common trick of marketing to appear to be nature's ally, relying on the unstated belief that millions of years of gradual evolution is a far safer bet than several decades of tinkering in the lab with a shaved lab rat and glassware fu … Read More

via The Tribal Scientist


Watch me give this mic head as my band Eleven &the Falcons performs “I Remember Oswald” to our adoring fans who respond by nearly caving in this basement. Special thanks to Amy White for filming and TELETHON for performing before us and dancing along in the crowd.

Female Character Flowchart

This in-depth, honest, and occasionally funny flowchart breaks down female character stereotypes and archetypes throughout media. Which ones do you think are the “strong” female characters? For my money, the titular (hehe) heroine of Veronica Mars and Peggy Olsen of Mad Men are two of the only characters in recent media that I think strong, intelligent, and honest portrayals of women in fiction. They’re also pretty easy on the eyes.

Personal favorite of the flowchart definitely goes to “Female Hitler” with a picture of Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

via Overthinking It

DEXTER Posters

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