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I saw this movie recently, and I fucking loved it. I’m even excited about the American version, starring Kick-Ass‘s (which I also recently watched/loved) Chloe Moretz and directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield). And just like the film, I love these posters.

The first one is by Tyler Stout for AllCity Media. Below, is the one by Phantom City Creative for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Ampersand Food Groups

You can thank Dan Beckemeyer for these typography illustrations. I know I am.

Hit the jump for 5 more. (more…)

Amazing Calendar Designs


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Friends With You: The Wish Come True Festival

I first heard of Friends With You through a friend (with me) who was the girlfriend of one of the creators. Essentially, these guys are designers. It’s that broad because they do everything from commercials and films to toys and giant festivals. Check out their Vimeo and website for a look at all their surreal, eye-pleasing goodies. A few months ago, FWY took over Queens Park in Toronto with this amazing playplace of color called Rainbow City as part of the Wish Come True Festival. Hit the jump for more photos.

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