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Eleven and the Falcons: Live @ Under Minerva, 9.11.09

Back on the 8th anniversary of 9/11, Eleven and the Falcons decided to celebrate the only way they knew how: tearin’ shit down! Check out this bootleg of their show at Under Minerva in Brooklyn, NYC for Melissa Diaz‘s Gallery Take Over show. The best part about it: the whole set was improvised! Those guys sure know how to topple a bldg, if you know what I mean.

Gallery Take Over, Pt. 1

Gallery Take Over, Pt. 2



I’m sure all who know me are startled by my lack of a comedic 9/11 post on Friday. It’s true. I’ve failed you. But I was keeping the jokes going on Twitter all day. Here’s a recap, only a couple days late.




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