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Minimalistic Album Covers & Movie Posters

I always love finding minimalistic remakes of album covers and movie posters. Fubiz has this great collection of beautifully scaled-down album art from artist Ty Lettau.

Check out some more minimalistic movie posters here.


Inspiration #95

Addey Road

Happy Turk Day. Here’s a tasty ad for The Beatles’s All Together Now I spotted the other day in the Flat Iron District.


abbey rainbow road


electric boogaloo

audi concept

Death Of The Week

Awhile back, I had the idea to add a new “…Of The Week” post that would be “Babe Of The Week.” But I got bored with it along with my other “…Of The Week” posts, so I stopped doing them. This post marks the death of those categories. And for a eulogy, all the photos that were left waiting in the wings.


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Beatles of the Week: 7/28/09


Here’s an ad for the Kubrick Beatles figures, designed after their likenesses from the cartoon series.

Beatles of the Week: 7/22/09

Lisa Frank presents...

This is a mural (or the design at least) for a coffee shop somewhere that’s not America by artist Agata Nowicka. It’s kinda girly (which makes sense), but still looks neat.

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