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Celebrity Look-Alikes (via The Thought Pantry)

This is pretty entertaining. A few are stretches, and I’ve been saying Will Ferrel and Chad Smith are twins for ages. Also, the author starts the post saying Caucasians are just as difficult to differentiate as Asians are, and while this is true, she then shows a bunch of examples of non-Caucasian people.

celebrity look-alikes Last night something strange happened… After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen's novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress's face… Then it hit me! Frances O'Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louis … Read More

via the thought pantry


Celebrity Food Puns

I love puns. They don’t call me The Pun-isher for nothing (or at all). I think puns the highest form of humor. And I constantly use them. From the pedestrian to the sophisticated. This guy definitely gets what it’s all about.

Fizz Up, Look Chard

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