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Framed Stimuli

Some I found:




rainbow hat


guns n pussy


Some I took:



claus haus


Punk Cinema & the VHS Revival


Two weeks ago, I went to a screening of short films put on by CANADA called Pulsating Sunglasses. During the hour-long screening, curated by Allen Cordell (that’s a lot of l’s), I watched 18 shorts by 13 artists. What struck me about these films wasn’t the quality or narrative (most of them had no narrative), but the style and content. Almost every one of the films, clips, videos, and music videos employed the technique of cutting up found video footage, most of which was from VHS tapes of old TV shows, movies, and commercials. Many of these were also accompanied by strobing neon colors and repetitive, almost atonal electronic music. Now, none of the above are reprimands, critiques, or insults. I enjoyed many of the videos. In fact, most of the ones I hated were the ones that failed to use these techniques. It was the act of watching so many similarly styled films back-to-back that made me start thinking of a few things. Join me, won’t you.


Barbled Truth

All those eggcess, wasted
terns. Blues and whites, fishin’ fer nothin’
or sweet fundamental sumthin’ and.
Spin n Turn
‘nd filtered, follan clan.
Dripped in Carnal waves.
O-wful mess w/
sand end sea guls.
Does it seems these ways to Me?
No, add to it tele felt-kuffs
‘r swollen efforts.
Whada yr todlr be, capable, dethful
mess. Mass for which
matter or nomatter,
he felt
she saved
him frm tuffness et virtue,
det begot

End Try Bate

Instances were ways talked
ever over In sin
n kings too soft.
Shorn keys tha felt membrain,
tattered Chocolate
a followed ping.
Fundamental unto a solid
u. Kill off everytay —
renal data engulfs
us at veskugial memories.
Endoctrunake stuff;
Which felt ever,
don felt can often mutte.
Trey b ate with
safer mappers today.
Hant kant kurl tha draperies,
my reunion filliment es Torn
aft the felt, anglo ley daed.

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