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Confectionery Carpentry: Issue #2



Sometimes You Feel Like A…


Do you ever feel like this? Either one. A sad, little Depression-era child leaning up against his miniature full-grown elephant pet/best friend, or an adult elephant inexplicably shrunken down to the size of a house cat with a sickly, possibly disease ridden, poor farm child out of some John Steinbeck novel leaning his swollen, water-filled head on you? If you do, I can relate. I used to feel like that.

But then I found (a) g/God. I now I feel like this:

Then someone told me that believing in (a) g/God was for gays. Well, it goes without saying that immediately after hearing that, I felt like this:


Naturally, that made me feel horrible. Then a friend told me to just be who I was, and that there was nothing wrong with being gay. Naturally, I assumed he was hitting on me, so I attempted to have anal intercourse with him. He rejected my advances, and called me a gay fag. Naturally, that made me feel like this:


Well, I hope that helped. Thanks for visiting my brain.

– Christian BC

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