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Sucker Punch Makes Jail Bait Cool Again!

Ok, so the girls of Zack Snyder’s upcoming Sucker Punch are all legal (thank god), but there’s definitely strong elements of that Japanese-school-girl-fetish thing going on here. I’m not complaining. This movie sounded cool before the photos of the cast started leaking, what with it’s ‘tagline’ of “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns” and the fact that Jon Hamm is in it. Mix that with reports that the tagline doesn’t do the true content justice, the official plot being announced, and of course Zack Snyder’s pretty strong track record so far and this movie is only sweetened by the fact that it stars a bunch of scantily-clad young girls toting guns and swords. Check out the rest of the banners and a plot synopsis at /Film.


The Races Of The Last Airbender

M. Night Shyamalan in his own words on The Last Airbender race controversy

The above is a fascinating interview Indie Movies Online did with M. Night Shyamalan on the race controversy surrounding The Last Airbender. I’m a huge fan of Avatar and was a little peeved at first about the casting of several white actors for the main roles. The more I’ve thought about it and read Shyamalan’s thoughts on it, the better of felt. And this interview really drives the point home. Aside from the fact that many of the main characters (and the director himself) are Asian, there’s the fact that the cartoon and all anime series aren’t explicitly Asian. In fact, many are oddly Caucasian in their looks and given Japan’s fetishism with America, that’s not surprising. The strongest point in the interview comes when Shyamalan breaks down the races of the four nations. For any Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, I highly recommend reading this.

Dead Serials: Playtime with Pedro

My film collective has a new short. It’s a magical adventure through the mind of a child. Starring me as a child and Mayor Prankster as Pedro, of South of the Border NC/SC border tourist trap fame. What sort of crazy things will happen when my keychain racist mascot comes to life and decides to be my friend? Watch and find out.

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: First Look At The New Theme Park

Here’s the first photo released of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, opening this spring at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. I can’t wait to make a roadtrip back home to go check this out. Read the press release at /film for more info.


This is gonna be radicool.

Punk Cinema & the VHS Revival


Two weeks ago, I went to a screening of short films put on by CANADA called Pulsating Sunglasses. During the hour-long screening, curated by Allen Cordell (that’s a lot of l’s), I watched 18 shorts by 13 artists. What struck me about these films wasn’t the quality or narrative (most of them had no narrative), but the style and content. Almost every one of the films, clips, videos, and music videos employed the technique of cutting up found video footage, most of which was from VHS tapes of old TV shows, movies, and commercials. Many of these were also accompanied by strobing neon colors and repetitive, almost atonal electronic music. Now, none of the above are reprimands, critiques, or insults. I enjoyed many of the videos. In fact, most of the ones I hated were the ones that failed to use these techniques. It was the act of watching so many similarly styled films back-to-back that made me start thinking of a few things. Join me, won’t you.

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