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What I’m Thankful For


Ampersand Food Groups

You can thank Dan Beckemeyer for these typography illustrations. I know I am.

Hit the jump for 5 more. (more…)

Food Puns? More Like “Food Buns”

For some reason, people love this shit. And don’t get me wrong, I love puns, but what’s up with all the love for food puns I’m gettin’? Well, here’s some more to wheat your appetite:

“I Wanna Hold Your Ham”

“Checkers: You gotta meat!”

Gotta check my Facecook.

An unusual situation? I better eat about that.

“Sloppy Joe queiro Taquito Bell.”

“Hang On To Your Eggo”

“Do I look like a sloppy, wet pussy for you to shuck?!”

Well there you go. Hope you enjoyed those. Bonbon voyage.

– Christian BC

Celebrity Food Puns

I love puns. They don’t call me The Pun-isher for nothing (or at all). I think puns the highest form of humor. And I constantly use them. From the pedestrian to the sophisticated. This guy definitely gets what it’s all about.

Fizz Up, Look Chard

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