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In a similar vein to the Oasis performance I posted yesterday, here’s Pavement performing “Cut Your Hair” live on The Tonight Show. I’ve heard Pavement are terrible live, but if it’s anything like this, I think their doing it on purpose. At least on this occasion they were. Not surprising that one of the original indie bands would try and take the piss out of a show and audience that had most likely never heard of them before.


Watch LOU FERRIGNO, Half of MILLI VANILLI, and More Lip-Sync “LET IT BE” For a Norwegian TV Show

What to say about this. Tom told us we should watch this last night. All he said was it was a bunch of celebrities lip-syncing “Let It Be” for a Norwegian TV show, and that we could expect to see people ranging from Glenn Close to the guy who play Bud (David Faustino) on Married With Children. What we ended up watching was so much more than that. Enjoy everyone from Judd Nelson to the actor who played young Forrest Gump, as they not only lip-sync, but play air guitar and sometimes just stand and stare at you on a blue screen beach.

According to the YouTube comments, this is a promo for a show called Golden Times where “heroes” from 80s and 90s culture are revisited.


I don’t know if he was mad he was performing “Champagne Supernova,” mad that he was singing at the VMAs, or was mad at something entirely different. As usual, Liam Gallagher has a temper, and we all benefit. Watch the entire thing and keep your eyes on him as he slurs his words, makes odd faces at the audience, and attempts to do everything with his mouth but sing.

[Note: Please ignore the first few seconds of the video. Whoever ripped it decided he needed to obnoxiously announce himself beforehand.]

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