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Gay Pride 2009

Back on June 28th (I know, I’ve been busy you fucks), Ali, Mayor, and I met up at 56th St. and 7th Ave. for the annual Gay Pride march/parade. We assumed that all attending would be marching along and weaved our way through the spectacle waiting for it to start.

When we reached 5th Ave., the march had begun and we noticed that there were barricades all along the avenue. Thinking that some people were simply watching while others marched, we hopped in the queue of the advancing crowd. We were still under the impression that the march was composed of regular folks like us, and specific groups. We happened to be with the small group known as the Gay Liberation Front. I thought this was simply a funny play on the Animal Liberation Front and it wasn’t until we had marched several blocks with them that I looked it up and found out they were one of the original gay rights groups from the late 60s, had been present for the Stonewall riots of 1969, and were celebrating their 39th anniversary. Unbeknownst to us, we had stumbled into a march made up mainly of specific groups with permission to be there, and out of all the groups we could have joined, we unknowingly picked one of the most historic ones there.

Over the course of the march, we met with many of the original members who were there for a reunion as the group is no longer active. At least two of them flat our hit on me, including Prof. Rick Landman, Esq., AICP who was 17 at the time of the original march. We also talked to Jim Fouratt, one of the “leaders” of the gay rights movement.

The march lasted over 3 hours and spanned nearly 60 blocks, going straight down 5th Ave., and cutting through downtown and Greenwich Village, passing right by Stonewall Inn. It was a highly surreal experience, meeting these historic figures and knowing we were in some way, a part of history. It was fascinating talking to them about how things were and the way things have changed. It was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life.

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OMC you guys! You’ll never believe it but I tots just had that babe 6 from the awesome hot new rock ‘n’ roll band Eleven and the Falcons in the The Present Is Now offices talkin’ bout her band, their new EP, Psychic Toothpaste/Ocean Ghost 7″, and that Pauly Shore movie Jury Duty. And I captured it all in the form of this interview. How bizarre.


First of all, what “Real Fact” would you put under a Snapple cap?

That Narwhals can crawl on land for about 50 yards. Sea unicorn is the new land unicorn.

I guess regular unicorns are going to have to breed with pegasuses now if they hope to stake their independence. How’s the band, by the way?

Why it’s swell, thanks for asking! We’re excited to hear some feedback on the EP. I think if anything, we’ve accomplished a fair representation of the recent events in our lives. I’m optimistic toward our future sound. We have our live instruments back from their vacation in a Florida storage space, and the magical powers of our newest bandmate, Mayor Prankster.

Speaking of by the way, remember that Red Hot Chili Pepper’s album, By The Way? What were your thoughts upon first hearing that?

Shit. “Can’t Stop” listening?

Totally. One of the songs on your new EP, “Mobelius Celeraus Truncata,” is only 19 seconds long. Are you guys usually so self-indulgent?

Uh, yes. Fuck you guys.

Such a sweet girl. Besides yourself, who else is in the band? And why the fuck did they leave you to do this interview alone?!

It was just me, 6, and 5 for the EP days, but recently Mayor Prankster has come aboard. I suppose the Mayor doesn’t have enough history to answer these grueling questions, and 5 is busy conducting some interview. So much for band loyalty.

Man, those guys sound like a bunch of ladyboys. I’ve heard from a very reliable source that this is the first interview your band has done. Does that make you feel pathetic or elitist?

Oh so pathetically elitist!

Hey Light

Your band, which will henceforth be referred to as Dolphin Kiss, has a very unique sound. Possibly the most unique sound of any band to release their debut EP this month. What sorts of instruments and recording equipment do you use to account for this?

Thank you for that, I love dolphin kisses. As I mentioned before, we did not have access to our guitars, good keyboards, percussion, etc. for most of the songs on the EP – the exception being “Abbatoir” which we recorded before we moved to New York. Therefore, most of the sounds were created by this little keyboard 5 bought me for Christmas. Other noises we would record and then sample or loop in Garageband with some crazy filters or something. We just experimented with effects until it produced something wacky or close to the actual timbre of the instrument. I guess our goal was to create something that would tickle your senses and make you think “what was that sound that reminded me of icicles??” It would be difficult to perform live with the EP versions of the songs, but we’re going to attempt to transform some songs like “Belles of London”.

Woddy. hk;][rftf ?

$ $

Hahaha. Now there’s that famous wit I’ve heard so much about. Let me flip the script for a moment, and ask you how often do you floss, collectively as a band?

Never, we’re British.

Too true. When did Dolphin Kiss first start making music?

Well, we started collaborating around 4 1/2 years ago. We didn’t really become Eleven and the Falcons until circa 2007.

Did you ever consider wearing costumes? You know, dress up as the number 11.

…Sounds pretty gay.


Psychic Toothpaste/Ocean Ghost 7"

The cover art for your EP is pretty crazy, right?

For your viewing pleasure! 5 had the idea of creating a Sgt. Pepper’s-like collage out of a bunch of magazine clippings. It was just as fun to make as it is to stare at.

Yeah. Sometimes I don’t eat or drink for days on end because I’m so transfixed by it. How did you guys land a deal with KillerPOP Records, one of the giants of the music industry?

Just lucky I guess, or being good friends with the creators. It’s quite the honor to be up there with Johnnie Angel.

Yeah, that dude shreds. Finally, all of your fans are dying to know, what’s gonna happen to the Oceanic 6 now that they’re all back on the island?

Oh it’s gonna blow your brains out the back of your skulls! …Turns out, it was all a dream. Dream dream dream dream dreeeeeeeaaaaam. All I have to do is dream.

Can’t get enough?! Check out the band all over the net, starting here.

Sometimes You Feel Like A…


Do you ever feel like this? Either one. A sad, little Depression-era child leaning up against his miniature full-grown elephant pet/best friend, or an adult elephant inexplicably shrunken down to the size of a house cat with a sickly, possibly disease ridden, poor farm child out of some John Steinbeck novel leaning his swollen, water-filled head on you? If you do, I can relate. I used to feel like that.

But then I found (a) g/God. I now I feel like this:

Then someone told me that believing in (a) g/God was for gays. Well, it goes without saying that immediately after hearing that, I felt like this:


Naturally, that made me feel horrible. Then a friend told me to just be who I was, and that there was nothing wrong with being gay. Naturally, I assumed he was hitting on me, so I attempted to have anal intercourse with him. He rejected my advances, and called me a gay fag. Naturally, that made me feel like this:


Well, I hope that helped. Thanks for visiting my brain.

– Christian BC

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