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Mexican Art

To celebrate the death of November, here’s some skeletons, calaveras, and other colorful and wacky Mexican art.


Christian Church: Auteur

After years of writing, making music, and taking photos, I have finally delved into the world of cinema in the past year. The majority of that work has been making music videos for various independent musicians and even making a few fan-videos for songs I love and want a visual component added to them. I’ve recently started uploading these videos to YouTube in order to spread them like a plague.

I created the above video about 6 months ago for MiLK jr. and his song “Animalistic” off the forthcoming album from Sexdad Records, I Had Another Dream. The song has an eerie and jarring quality to it, blending the operatic with the primal. The video mixes scenes of caged-wildlife, spontaneous and calculated street-performance, and strobing strange loops. Be wary of your mental state whilst you ingest this.

This video has been up for some time, but I felt it was fitting to post it along with the previous entry. Another artist from the Sexdad Records catalog, Florida-based musician All Father had me craft this piece for his song “Tip & A Bow” from his unreleased album Wisdom & War. The shifting colors and juxtaposing scenes of music, physicality, and destruction complement what has been described as “the aural version of a bad trip.”

Stay tuned to my YouTube channel as I’ll be uploading many more videos over the coming weeks.

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