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I’m in love with Das Racist. They’re like Cool Kids on crack. Or on a shit load of soda and candy. These guys drop nerdy cultural references in a laid-back rap drawl over insane beats like nobodies business. And building a song around a sample from (the sample) from A Tribe Called Quest’s and Leaders Of The New School’s seminal early-90s hip hop classic “Scenario“? Genius. There’s similarities between the two music videos as well. Also, peep the line in the chorus “What can brown do for you?” That’s the UPS slogan you’re hearing! Love it. You can download both of their mixtapes (I say they’re legit albums) for free here and here. And hit up their website to play the video game in the music video.


Blog Spotlight: Persona Don Dada


A month ago, my internet colleague (and dare I say, friend?) Joel posted a thrilling article detailing some of today’s worst music on his infinitely RSS-able blog, Persona Don Dada. Not only was it an impassioned and hilarious analysis of a disgusting corner of the zeitgeist, it inspired many outraged fans of these “musicians” to voice their complaints in the form of comments. This was supplemented by Joel, many of his friends, and myself responding to the fans and offering our own input. Do yourself a favor, read this post and be sure to read all the comments at the bottom as well. It’s incredibly worth it. More info about PDD is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

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