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Spray Paint Ejaculation

by East Eric via Today and Tomorrow


Ceridre Ohndar

Tiger steipes an ilive ander I wrud neva pen my lait fur souy the quader crak ah sundah life wed lev ahn tims sh tru.



Sinnnnnnnnggg dadahdahddahdah.

Small Iota, Life Veers, Entropy Reigns.


In the morning ladahdah.

The curtain is pulled open. The air conditioner is on. The main light is reflected in the glass of the window. The bed is beyond that in the reflection (and in reality). When is a door not a door? There are three words in the English language. Why did the dead baby cross the road? What is black when you buy it red when you use it white/grey/gray when you are done with it/throw it away? Photograph of a slave’s quarters. Silly. That sneaky mallard. Chased me into a window. Had his way. Comes like a wind. Comes like the wind.


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