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Danny McBride and James Franco getting high, Natalie Portman in a thong, Zooey Deschanel in a bustier, plus plenty of monsters, magic, action and comedy. Count me in.



Well, it’s finally here. The Green Lantern trailer is online and it’s divided critics and fans. On the one hand, it hits just about every piece of the Green Lantern story and mythos you’d want it to, while providing plenty of aliens and extra-planetary settings. On the other hand, it focuses on cornball humor and the special effects look terrible. Luckily, those last two bits don’t necessarily apply to the final film. It’s not due out until the summer, so there’s plenty of post-production time left to fix the computer imagery. Remember how bad the CG was in the Avatar trailer? As for the humor and other cheesy elements of the trailer, that could just be the cut. I’m sure the studio wants to real in non-sci-fi/comics fans as well. Anyway, here’s hoping it gets better with time. I want so badly for this movie to be good.


The second Sucker Punch trailer has arrived and it’s as awesome as the first. So far, it looks as if this will do a fine job heralding in 2011 aka The Year Of The Blockbuster Nerd Film. Say what you will about Mr. Snyder, but that man knows how to make visually striking films. And this time around, it’s scantily clad girls kicking ass instead of half-naked, oiled up dudes.

ENDHIRAN (ROBOT) Movie Trailer

Just watch it.

THE RED EAGLE Movie Trailer

If The Dark Knight and The Green Hornet had a Thai lovechild who exacted justice using a telescoping sword and machine guns.

THE TEMPEST Movie Trailer

Julie Taymor does it again. Here’s the mind-bending, visually-pleasing, dramatic retelling of Shakespeare’s sorcerer-meets-mysterious-island tale.


Cool guyBy now, most of ya’ll probably know that Wolverine was disappointing. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. And even though Watchmen was pretty fantastic, it too didn’t quite live up to our (my) expectations. On the other hand, Push, Coraline, and Fast & Furious were much better than I anticipated. And with several more big flicks from my bone picks still on the horizon, 2009 isn’t out of the movie game yet. Well, here’s a few more that promise to be…um, interesting. Check ’em out after the jump.

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