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Eleven &the Falcons: The Belles Of London

Oy. New Falcons vid, mates. They at it again. This go around, &the Falcons joined up with Dead Serials to produce this video for the tantalizingly tantalizing song “The Belles Of London” of their alpha EP release, Psychic Toothpaste/Ocean Ghost 7″ (avail. 4 FREE from KillerPOP Records). If you love graveyards and geese, you’ll fuckin’ love this ghost punk dirge.


Abelardo Morell: Camera Obscura Photography

Loving the camera obscura photos of Abelardo Morell. I know you will too.

Cubist/Tapist: Aakash Nihalani

I’ve been spottin’ this dude’s work all over Williamsburg. Finally found out who he was. I haven’t seen these ones, which are awesome. The ones I’ve seen are usually just one box (like that one on the subway sign, only they’re all on the sidewalk). This is the most complex one I’ve spotted thus far:

That’s all.

– Christian BC

Museum of Sex

ass to ass

Dude. Museum of Sex was so stimulating. Intellectually that is. Lolcoolj. Ali and I checked it on out today and the “Sex Lies of Animals” exhibit made the whole thing worth it. Did you know there are fish that can change gender back and forth based on their social roles. WTFuck?! Plus ducks with big dicks, deer gettin’ off from rubbing their antlers on the ground, snake gangbangs, and 69in’ manatees. Then there was shit about porn on film and a collection of sex ephemera. A great way to spend a rainy Saturday. Check out the photos after the jump.

Speaking of Cancelled…

…I was super excited to see …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead yesterday at the new Pool Parties in Williamsburg. Unfortunately, the nasty weather made them cancel the show right before the headliners played. I also missed the openers, Grupo Fantasmo and HEALTH (neither of which I’ve ever heard, but would like to) because of a prior engagement. This meant that I only saw one band: The Black Lips. Now, my first introduction to this band, was the retarded name and album art for their latest release. Then, after confiding this to a friend who liked the band, he played us some and I still wasn’t impressed. Then I saw them live yesterday. Let’s just say, Black Lips are one of the shittiest bands I’ve ever heard. They’re basically just a bunch of wannabe-outlaws still obsessed with being teenagers who play bluesy pop-punk. The music they played all sounded like reworked versions of Ramones, the Who, and/or White Stripes songs; all done in their faux-whiskey-chugging, 16-year-old-boner-inducing image. What a waste of time.

Tweet ‘n’ Tell

I thought of a new blog segment last night wherein I elaborate on a few of my recent tweets.


Got rained on. It sucked. For the second time since I’ve lived here, my shoes and socks were so wet and I was so cold (last time because it was winter, this time because it was freezing at my work) that I had to go to Duane Reade and buy some fresh socks, then double ’em up on my feet.


We were outside the Brooklyn Museum, and became transfixed by a large beetle crawling on a wall. Bryce kept trying to get it to crawl on his hand, but he wasn’t havin’ none of that. Finally, Bryce tried trapping him between both hands, thinking he found victory. He said the above tweet, but the beetle continued to avoid his flesh.


It’s as simple and wacky as that. Welcome to New York.

Let Me Ride That Dolphin Dolphin

Lemme ride that dolphindolphin.

Donchu wanna dolphin ride?

Free Bouncy Rides

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