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I don’t know if he was mad he was performing “Champagne Supernova,” mad that he was singing at the VMAs, or was mad at something entirely different. As usual, Liam Gallagher has a temper, and we all benefit. Watch the entire thing and keep your eyes on him as he slurs his words, makes odd faces at the audience, and attempts to do everything with his mouth but sing.

[Note: Please ignore the first few seconds of the video. Whoever ripped it decided he needed to obnoxiously announce himself beforehand.]


Don’t Look Back In Anger

I’ve been really into this song the past week.

Can’t decide which version I like best.

Interesting note about the above cover: it’s from an album called Guilt By Association which features a bunch of indie artists covering songs that are their guilty pleasures. Most of them are pretty great. Apparently, the label that put it out had a contest for people to direct a video for this song and the above video won.
Also, I just found out there is a new volume out, so I gotta find that. Apparently, someone has “Tainted Love” as a guilty pleasure. Why? That’s an amazing song. Sure, it gets pigeonholed as some synth-pop, one-hit wonder 80s song, but the song and the band are genuinely amazing. Also, the Soft Cell’s popular version of the song is already a cover of an equally great song by Gloria Jones. So eat a dick, My Brightest Diamond (horrible band name).

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