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HAPPY 2011 ASSHOLES! To start the year off right, my bros over in Yip-Yip have sent a New Year treat for us all. For the first time, they’re debuting full-song vocals which they use to make Jane’s Addiction sound cooler than they have any right to be.

Their cover of “Been Caught Stealing” gives you a taste of what’s to come in the Yip’s future. If you follow them on Twitter, you know they’e been hard at work on a new album which will feature vocals. Let’s all hope we see the release of it next year because this song has made my appetite so whettttt. If you couldn’t hear the Devo influence before, there’s no denying it now. And that’s definitely a good thing. 2011 could us some de-evolution.


Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: First Look At The New Theme Park

Here’s the first photo released of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, opening this spring at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. I can’t wait to make a roadtrip back home to go check this out. Read the press release at /film for more info.

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