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ORANGE JUICE Box Set Coming In November

Pitchfork has the scoop that an Orange Juice box set titled Coals To Newcastle, will come out November 9 in the US. Domino, the fine folks who bring you Animal Collective, will be releasing it.

I for one can’t wait. These Scottish post-punks are some of my favorites. For those of you not in the know, Orange Juice were a late-70s/early-80s New Pop outfit who would eventually give Simon Reynolds the title for his post-punk treatise and would be a fake influence on Franz Ferdinand (the story is that while they are clearly just a Strokes-inspired indie-dance band, they’re PR people decided that it was hipper to say Orange Juice inspired the band. Really, the only similarities are they’re both from Scotland).

Check out the tracklist and album art here.


Video Inspiration #1

Bros Icing Bros is one of the latest memes that I can really get behind. This is something I would have been heavily into a few years ago and I’m thinking I might still be. Watch out for yr bros, they may be plottin’ to ice ya.

While watching Blue Velvet or Super Mario Bros. to honor the death of Dennis Hopper are good moves, I suggest this gem.

Animated video by Michael Sporn Animation Studios for the 1983 Liquid Liquid song “Cavern.” One of the best post-punk jams ever.

And finally, my new favorite song/video.

Inspiration #2010

Old Poems

I don’t put enough of my personal creations on this blog, so here’s a link to two poems I wrote when I was younger on a “website” I “made” when I was younger. The first one sort of falls apart at the end, but has a lot of good stuff before, including a few phrases I’ve since recycled. The second one is still pretty solid in my opinion.

This is the link right here; click on it.

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