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Eleven &the Falcons: The Belles Of London

Oy. New Falcons vid, mates. They at it again. This go around, &the Falcons joined up with Dead Serials to produce this video for the tantalizingly tantalizing song “The Belles Of London” of their alpha EP release, Psychic Toothpaste/Ocean Ghost 7″ (avail. 4 FREE from KillerPOP Records). If you love graveyards and geese, you’ll fuckin’ love this ghost punk dirge.


Rough Draft: Animal Collective Live

While Dam-Funk was DJing on Saturday and probably at the peak of our high as we sat and waited for AC, I wrote down some thoughts. I had the idea awhile ago to write shit while I was in altered states of mind, then present them as-is hoping that it would be some nutty, SoC bable with insight and humor. Well, this one didn’t totally turn out that way, but here it is, digitized from the original.

Animal Collective Celebrate Brooklyn


I can’t top these posts about the Friday and Saturday Animal Collective shows as far as pics and video goes, but the guy writing is kind of a douche, so here’s what I thought.

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