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Drooped the ball on this one. Anywho, the latest incarnation of my band, Alligator Indian (formerly Eleven &the Falcons), have released their debut EP. It’s FREE to stream and download and happens to also be a Christmas album. But don’t worry, the songs aren’t strictly tied to the season and can be enjoyed all year round. Enjoy, and check us out on Tumblr and Twitter for all the latest news and updates.



Watch me give this mic head as my band Eleven &the Falcons performs “I Remember Oswald” to our adoring fans who respond by nearly caving in this basement. Special thanks to Amy White for filming and TELETHON for performing before us and dancing along in the crowd.


New psychonautical video for “Post Acid” off the new, excellent King Of The Beach by stoner-punks Wavves. And John Norris kicks it all off! It’s like that time I met Matt Pinfield at a Paul McCartney gig.

Old Poems

I don’t put enough of my personal creations on this blog, so here’s a link to two poems I wrote when I was younger on a “website” I “made” when I was younger. The first one sort of falls apart at the end, but has a lot of good stuff before, including a few phrases I’ve since recycled. The second one is still pretty solid in my opinion.

This is the link right here; click on it.

New Music Crush: Pens

I startin’ crushin’ on these gals (check out their Myspace URL!) a few weeks back when I discovered them on Lala because the album art for their debut, Hey Friend, What You Doing?, caught my eye.


Luckily, the music itself turned out to be fantastic as well. It’s the same distortion washed, lofi garage-punk sound we’ve all been lovin’ lately, courtesy of bands like Wavves and Vivian Girls, except this time it comes from the UK. But you wouldn’t know that from listening to them. In fact, I didn’t until Mayor pointed this Amazon review of the album out to me:

Where have all the good new British bands gone? Hello? Is there anyone out there? The answer is a pretty resounding nope. Stop and think of a genuinely good new band you have heard in a year that is already way past half-done and I bet you ten Chomps you’ll struggle. Then we saw Pens and it changed everything.

Aside from being annoying, it’s interesting because, according to this dude, the one good British band out now sounds a lot like most of the good American bands out now. But they definitely add their own zest to the mix and they’re pretty cute to boot. In fact, I’m gonna dub their particular sound as Nu RRRiot (see if you can identify all the levels of that one).

Listen to the entire album on Lala.

Punk Cinema & the VHS Revival


Two weeks ago, I went to a screening of short films put on by CANADA called Pulsating Sunglasses. During the hour-long screening, curated by Allen Cordell (that’s a lot of l’s), I watched 18 shorts by 13 artists. What struck me about these films wasn’t the quality or narrative (most of them had no narrative), but the style and content. Almost every one of the films, clips, videos, and music videos employed the technique of cutting up found video footage, most of which was from VHS tapes of old TV shows, movies, and commercials. Many of these were also accompanied by strobing neon colors and repetitive, almost atonal electronic music. Now, none of the above are reprimands, critiques, or insults. I enjoyed many of the videos. In fact, most of the ones I hated were the ones that failed to use these techniques. It was the act of watching so many similarly styled films back-to-back that made me start thinking of a few things. Join me, won’t you.


I have a new feature on the horizon

Sausage Party

Here’s a little taste

Mom & the Space Punx

The real one is gonna be even sexier.

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