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That’s right. Adam Yauch aka MCA, will be directing a short film based around their 1987 “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” video that will star starring Elijah Wood as Ad-Rock, Seth Rogen as Mike D, and Danny McBride playing MCA. The film will follow-up on the events of the video and will co-star Jack Black, Jon C. Riley, and Will Ferrell. It will of course, be awesome. It’s part of the recently announce Sundance list of short-films, so there should be more info and a trailer soon. You can head to AV Club for the rest of the list which includes a Tim and Eric film about two dudes havin’ a baby.


Neon Graffiti: I

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Some time back, I became inspired by Jack‘s Design-A-Day challenge to himself and thought I’d start an audio/visual project where I made one piece a day. Well, that didn’t work out, but I did start the project and will slowly (hopefully not too slowly) be releasing the various works in this overall project dubbed Neon Graffiti. Above is the first installment and the second is wrapped and will be posted soon.

Make Me Psychic

Do you like psychedelic, surrealistic, hedonistic cartoons starring anthropomorphic ducks? Then you’re gonna fuckin’ love this. This is a short film I came across one morn while parousing YouTube. It’s from 1978 and was written by, animated by, and stars the voice talent of Sally Cruikshank. This baby is so nutty, you don’t even needa be high b’fo’ watchin’ it.

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