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I’m sure all who know me are startled by my lack of a comedic 9/11 post on Friday. It’s true. I’ve failed you. But I was keeping the jokes going on Twitter all day. Here’s a recap, only a couple days late.





Ted Leo Blocked Me


Yes. This means what you think it means. Ted Leo blocked me on Twitter and sent me a direct message beforehand just to rub it in.

Tweet ‘n’ Tell

I thought of a new blog segment last night wherein I elaborate on a few of my recent tweets.


Got rained on. It sucked. For the second time since I’ve lived here, my shoes and socks were so wet and I was so cold (last time because it was winter, this time because it was freezing at my work) that I had to go to Duane Reade and buy some fresh socks, then double ’em up on my feet.


We were outside the Brooklyn Museum, and became transfixed by a large beetle crawling on a wall. Bryce kept trying to get it to crawl on his hand, but he wasn’t havin’ none of that. Finally, Bryce tried trapping him between both hands, thinking he found victory. He said the above tweet, but the beetle continued to avoid his flesh.


It’s as simple and wacky as that. Welcome to New York.

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