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If you don’t know by now, I’m a founding member of the ultimate pop culture collective, killerPOP. And one of kP’s specialties is webcomics, thanks to the genius of Jack Cusumano. After years of animating Momo & Friends, he created the retroactive 90s icon, RAD RAZ. For some time, RAZ was restricted to the pages of his eponymous webcomic, but now he’s broken into the world of cartoons. You can catch the lateast episodes on the kP YouTube channel or head to the new RAD RAZ blog which will house just RAD RAZ episodes. Below is the latest episode, “The End Is Near.”

And if you love the theme music, you can check out the creators here.


Confectionery Carpentry: Issue #2


Webcomic Debut: Confectionery Carpentry

There’s a special set of Notes on my iPhone that deal with all the wonderful ideas I come up with that would make great TV shows and movies, or at least make great ideas for TV shows and movies. But, as I don’t feel like making either one of those, and most of the ideas are no more than a sentence that would take up about 15 seconds of camera time and then go absolutely nowhere, I decided to turn them into a webcomic, crudely illustrated by me. Anywho, here’s the debut strip of Confectionery Carpentry:

The Ultimate Tragedy

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