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Word Lust: Pt. 1

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If you frequent this blog (or actually know me), then you are probably aware of my fondness for puns. To me, puns are the highest forms of humor because they embody all the best aspects of humor: a quick wit, intelligence, a vast knowledge of culture and history. But most of all, they deal with wordplay. Those who love puns are those who loves language, and those who love to manipulate language. I thought I’d compiled some of my favorite word groups and share some language love.

Retronym: These are one of my favorite linguistic fun facts. A retronym is a word created when a new version of something comes out and becomes synonymous with the product and the old version is forced to tack a prefix on it’s name (or create a new name altogether) to differentiate it. The common examples are “Coke” becoming “Coke Classic” in reference to the fiasco that was “New Coke” and timepieces and electronic instruments having to stick “analog” in front of their name when their digital counterparts became the norm. My favorite example is how “hot chocolate” used to just be “chocolate” as the liquid form was the only type that existed. With the invention of chocolate bars however, liquid chocolate became less popular and was forced to add an adjective.




Barbled Truth

All those eggcess, wasted
terns. Blues and whites, fishin’ fer nothin’
or sweet fundamental sumthin’ and.
Spin n Turn
‘nd filtered, follan clan.
Dripped in Carnal waves.
O-wful mess w/
sand end sea guls.
Does it seems these ways to Me?
No, add to it tele felt-kuffs
‘r swollen efforts.
Whada yr todlr be, capable, dethful
mess. Mass for which
matter or nomatter,
he felt
she saved
him frm tuffness et virtue,
det begot

End Try Bate

Instances were ways talked
ever over In sin
n kings too soft.
Shorn keys tha felt membrain,
tattered Chocolate
a followed ping.
Fundamental unto a solid
u. Kill off everytay —
renal data engulfs
us at veskugial memories.
Endoctrunake stuff;
Which felt ever,
don felt can often mutte.
Trey b ate with
safer mappers today.
Hant kant kurl tha draperies,
my reunion filliment es Torn
aft the felt, anglo ley daed.

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