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The Death Vine

It’s arrived! My band’s full-length debut has hit digitally from KillerPOP Records. GO HERE! to download it for free. 14 tracks, album art, and liner notes, all crafted by us (with help on the liner notes from Amber Torrealba). We worked super hard on this and it’s taken nearly a year, but it sounds amazing and we hope everyone in the world will listen to it and tell us what they think and share it with their friends and family (who presumably live on another world).


Why Robin Williams Is Irrelevant

Aside from the obvious reasons that he trades wit, insight, observation, and, yes, any form of comedy for spastic movements and verbal torrents of childish diarhea, there’s the above cover to his 2010 DVD release of his HBO “comedy” special.

Not only does he use a pathetic pun for the title, but it’s based off of something that hasn’t been culturally relevant in years. On top of that, using a WMD pun as the title of something has become a terrible cliche over the years. Like this example from six years prior to the Iraq War. Or this one from the year it all went down. Or this shit from three years ago.

Then, there’s the motherfuckin’ tape over the mouth. I can’t stand when “comedians” and “personalities” put some form of tape or sticker over their mouth (usually accompanied by some dumb phrase or word to drive the point home) to show that their words are so acerbic that they have been physically censored by some unknown entity (their PR agent? Probably just themselves).

The library I work at just got this DVD in and it just pushed me over the edge. Especially after I saw this DVD on the shelf featuring the same fuckin’ tape-mouth. Then there’s this and this and it just goes on and on from there. You get the point. He’s a fucking hack.

Eleven &the Falcons: The Death Vine

On my last post, I mentioned two creative ventures that were taking up my time. The second of these two is that my band, Eleven &the Falcons, will be releasing our debut full-length album on May 25. It’s called The Death Vine and will be released digitally on KillerPOP Records. You’ll be able to name your own price for the download (including $0) which you can get at our Bandcamp. You can also stream the album there, and you can also stream and download (for FREE) our first two EPs at the site.

Check out the album art and tell your friends (and yourself) to download that shit on May 25!!

Sundae Magazine Hijacks Renowned THE PRESENT IS NOW Writer

I haven’t been around much lately, but there’s good reason. I’ve been spending most of my creative energy focusing on two projects. One of those is this:

Sundae Magazine is an online magazine (duh) that my friend Brittany Middleton started a few months back. It is two issues deep now with a third coming June 1st (new issue every month). I’ve been contributing to it as a Music Historian so far and will be continuing to write for it for some stretch into the unforeseeable future. So far I’ve reviewed PLEASE KILL ME: The Oral History of Punk Rock (one of my favorite books) and The Undertones. You can check out my writings along with pieces my the aforementioned Ms. Middleton, wunderkind Jack Cusumano (who also designs every issue and draws artwork and comics throughout), Ali (my boo), and Tom “Mayor Prankster” Vinson. So get your digital read on and see me in print!

Cranky Grampa Makes Funny Video/Website

Remember when this old coot was almost President?

Dream World

This is what I see when I close my eyes:

Inspiration #5510

This is for all the Cinco de Mayo’s out there:

Have fun doing whatever the fuck you do on Cinco de Mayo!

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